Here are the answers to some of the most Frequently Asked Questions our firm receives.

Q. Do you know about Sub Chapter S Corporations?

A. Yes, we have served many clients that have chosen this form of business.

Q. What do I do if I receive a notice from the IRS about my taxes?

A. Don’t panic! the first thing to do is carefully read the notice—to determine why it was sent, what the IRS is requesting, and what they want you to do. It may be nothing of importance; it may even be a notice in your favor. After reading it you should bring it to our attention.

Q. Do you handle an IRS audit if I get one?

A. Yes, we have served many clients and have resolved them in the client's best interest.

Q. Can you help me with QuickBooks?

A. Yes, we are QuickBooks Pro Advisor and we can sell and install all versions. We will then train you or your employee(s).

Q. Can you help me with my 401k or IRA?

A. Yes, that would be handled by Osborn Financial Services, LLC. We have served many clients with allocations and rollovers.

Q. What are the consequences of early withdrawals from my retirement plans?

A. If you withdraw money from a 401(k) or an IRA before age 59 ½, the distribution is taxable and there is a 10% penalty on the taxable amount. The main exceptions that let you withdraw money early without penalty are as follows: