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"He is certainly not your typical CPA - I like the way he thinks."
KWJ - Arlington, TX
"I thought his fees were a bit high at first, but his Firm has been worth every dollar."
PYR - Dallas, TX
"He is one of very few people I know that has an in-depth understanding of the tax laws."
GT - Dallas, TX
“John is plugged into the requirements of the modern business environment. I went through several accountants who didn't get it until I met John. John relates to his clients very well as people, stays in communication throughout a process and adjusts his approach as necessary to Client capabilities and interests" WM - Dallas, TX

“John was invaluable in assessing my business plan and model at Retriever. More than just an accountant, John has owned and operated numerous businesses in his lifetime. I needed that input as much as I needed advice from a CPA." TW - Dallas, TX

"I have used John for tax advice, return preparation and filing for the past seven years. He and his staff provide outstanding service and they do a great job of demystifying the complexities of managing self employed deductions. The value that I get from his services is so great, that I have never considered managing my taxes myself since hiring John" PW - Plano, TX


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